In the vast tapestry of suburbs surrounding the legendary City of Angels, one place stands out as a gem – Santa Monica. A gleaming oasis of Southern Californian charm, with the serene vastness of the Pacific Ocean on one side and the towering skyscrapers of LA on the other.

Bypass the snaking traffic synonymous with LA and find yourself in a realm characterized by the balmy aroma of sea salt and the faint whispers of legends past. Although one might lament the absence of those exquisite hot springs prevalent in Eastern California, Santa Monica offers its unique beach city allure. Whether you're an ardent sun-worshiper or a visitor with an aversion to sandy toes, fear not. Nightclubs whispering tales of old Hollywood, rich cultural tapestries, and museums waiting to be discovered will beckon you.

Traveling on two wheels? Delight in the fact that Santa Monica welcomes cyclists with open arms. One could indeed argue that lingering in Santa Monica might warrant an extended itinerary. And here's why:

1. Santa Monica Pier:

Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is a nostalgic journey to California's coastal entertainment. The aroma of funnel cakes fills the air and the historical merry-go-round is a delightful throwback. Nearby, the Shore Hotel stands out with its eco-conscious design, combining ocean views with a commitment to sustainable luxury. Another recommendation is the Pacific Park Hotel, known for its exquisite beachfront suites and impeccable guest services that capture the essence of coastal living.

2. The Strand:

Moving on The Strand

The Marvin Braude Beach Trail, or The Strand, is a vibrant connection of beaches. Hotel Casa del Mar provides a luxurious Mediterranean escape. For those seeking another option, the Ocean View Hotel promises a serene beachfront experience, emphasizing modern comforts paired with breathtaking views.

3. Santa Monica State Beach:

Santa Monica State Beach

The beach symbolizes the laid-back Californian spirit. Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel offers panoramic ocean vistas. Not far off, the Seaview Hotel is celebrated for its charming aesthetics, combining modern decor with an old-world beachside feel.

4. Chez Jay:

This iconic spot is a portal to old Hollywood. Nearby, the Oceana Santa Monica delivers a boutique experience. Additionally, Hotel Shangri-La is an architectural delight, known for its art-deco style and rooftop bar, offering stunning ocean views.

5. Third Street Promenade:

This bustling street promises a lively experience. Adjacent is The Georgian Hotel, an art deco masterpiece. Another choice is the Palihouse Santa Monica, a residence-style boutique hotel that exudes vintage charm with its Moorish-influenced decor.

6. Museum of Flying:

Museum of Flying

The museum offers a hands-on journey through flight history. Santa Monica Proper Hotel combines timeless elegance and modern Californian sensibilities. Another gem, The Aero Guesthouse, captivates with its aviation-themed rooms and stellar services, making it a favorite among enthusiasts.

7. REVOLVER Gallery:

This gallery pays tribute to Andy Warhol. The Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows offers luxury with history. Alternatively, The Penthouse at the Huntley offers a unique, upscale experience with panoramic views of the ocean and a contemporary design aesthetic.

8. Palisades Park:

Palisades Park is a green haven. The Huntley Hotel offers coastal luxury with urban sophistication. For those looking for a cozy atmosphere, The Channel Road Inn with its quaint and intimate rooms, offers a bed and breakfast experience unlike any other in the vicinity.

9. Westside Comedy:

A place of laughter and joy, Westside Comedy is a sanctuary for comedy lovers. Viceroy Santa Monica is a blend of elegance and chic. For an equally luxurious experience, the Wyndham Santa Monica At The Pier is renowned for its prime location, modern amenities, and excellent guest services.

10. Michael's of Santa Monica:

Michael's is a culinary odyssey. The Ambrose Hotel emphasizes eco-friendliness. On a side note, the Le Meridien Delfina Santa Monica boasts a blend of urban sophistication and coastal relaxation, making it an ideal getaway for food enthusiasts.


The charm of Santa Monica is undeniable. From sandy escapades to cultural sojourns, it effortlessly caters to diverse whims. And while the allure of nearby Orange County might beckon, one mustn't be hasty. After all, on this side of the Pacific, life dances to a languid tune. Dive into each experience at your leisure, and let Santa Monica weave its magic.