In a world where the sights and sounds of the mundane too often encroach upon the senses, Denver, Colorado is a place where culture, history, and adventure stand tall. But, just between you and me, it's not all about the altitude.

1. Sleighing it, Denver-Style!

things to do in denver - Sleigh Ride

Amongst the many things to do in Denver, amidst the hush of winter, Denver beckons the curious soul. Enveloped in glistening snow, the city has an old-world charm where tradition mingles with merriment. 2 Below Zero Dinner Sleigh Rides are not just rides; they're time machines transporting you to an era of elegance. One of the cherished things to do in Denver, Colorado during winter.

Hotel Teatro: An elegant boutique hotel set in a historic building, offering luxury rooms with a touch of vintage decor, close to Denver's major attractions.

2. Oh Brunch, Where Art Thou?

As dawn breaks late in the traveler's world, Denver has an answer – Root Down. Among the fun things to do in Denver, this haven celebrates the midday feast where farm-to-table culinary delights meet a laid-back ambiance.

The Brown Palace Hotel: Renowned for its historic charm and timeless luxury, this iconic hotel offers a unique stay with its refined afternoon tea service.

3. Feeding the Artistic Soul

Denver's artistic panorama shines brilliantly at The American Museum of Western Art. When considering things to do in Denver, Colorado, the museum is a top choice. Rows upon rows of masterpieces tell tales of cowboys, vast landscapes, and untamed spirits.

The Art Hotel Denver: A chic hotel with a curated collection of art, offering guests a vibrant and modern space in the heart of the city.

4. River Shenanigans

things to do in denver - Tube Down The River

When listing fun things to do in Denver during its sun-blazing days, white-water escapade tops the chart. Adventure West River Tube Rentals promises splashes of excitement for every adventurer's soul.

Halcyon Hotel Cherry Creek: A stylish hotel with rooftop pool offering views of Denver's skyline and the Rocky Mountains.

5. A Date With The Past: Union Station

This architectural marvel isn't just a transit hub; it's a testament to Denver's legacy and one of the most historically rich Denver, Colorado things to do. Fine dining and chic boutiques make it a hub for curious travelers.

The Crawford Hotel: Located within Union Station, it combines historic elements with modern luxury, offering a unique Denver experience.

6. Holy High!

Pushing boundaries is Denver’s forte, evident at The International Church of Cannabis. Among the unconventional things to do in Denver, it challenges norms and redefines spirituality.

The Ramble Hotel: A boutique establishment offering a lively atmosphere, perfectly reflecting Denver's dynamic spirit.

7. Of Red Rocks And Legendary Performances

things to do in denver - Ampitheatre

When pondering things to do in Denver, Colorado, the Red Rocks and Amphitheater are often top of mind. Nestled where the Great Plains meet The Rocky Mountains, it's nature's grand stage.

Origin Hotel Red Rocks: Close to the amphitheater, it’s a hub for music lovers offering contemporary rooms and a lively bar.

8. Blast From The Past: Fifty-Two 80’s

Venturing into this trove is like flipping through childhood's diary. Among the fun things to do in Denver, this trip down memory lane is both nostalgic and delightful.

Moxy Denver Cherry Creek: A trendy, playful hotel offering an energetic ambiance with its games and quirky decor.

9. A Dark Tale: Cheesman Park

Denver's allure lies in its tales. Cheesman Park, with its verdant expanse and eerie history, is a must among the things to do in Denver for history buffs.

The Warwick Denver: Offers spacious rooms and a rooftop pool, combining luxury with unbeatable city views.

10. Nature's Art: Denver Botanical Garden

things to do in denver - Botanical Garden

One of the top Denver, Colorado things to do is to visit this botanical garden. A verdant tapestry, the garden boasts diverse species and seasonal exhibitions.

The Jacquard Hotel & Rooftop: Located in Cherry Creek, it offers sophisticated accommodations with a touch of modern elegance.

11. Get The Adrenaline Pumping: Elitch Garden Theme Park

Denver's heartbeat of thrill, this urban theme park is amongst the exhilarating things to do in Denver, promising a day of gasps, giggles, and gushing waters.

The Maven Hotel: A modern hotel located in the vibrant LoDo district, steps away from popular attractions and entertainment.

12. Underwater Lunch? Yes Please!

Considering fun things to do in Denver? The Denver Downtown Aquarium ensures your meal comes with mesmerizing marine accompaniments.

Four Seasons Hotel Denver: A luxury hotel offering top-notch amenities, spa services, and a rooftop pool with city views.

13. Larimer Square: Denver’s Beating Heart

things to do in denver - Larimer Square

A mosaic of history, culture, and sheer beauty, Larimer Square is at the epicenter of things to do in Denver, Colorado, pulsating with Denver's spirit.

The Ritz-Carlton, Denver: Immerse in luxury with this five-star hotel located close to Larimer Square, boasting impeccable service.

14. For The Foodies: Linger

Linger celebrates Denver’s eclectic palate. Among the delightful things to do in Denver, the rooftop bar offers panoramic views and street food-inspired dishes.

Kimpton Hotel Born: A sleek hotel with a modern alpine aesthetic, offering custom furnishings and local artworks.

15. Sweet Ending: Little Man Ice Cream

In Denver, indulgences are monumental, and visiting Little Man remains a favorite amongst Denver, Colorado things to do. An oversized milk can dispenses creamy wonders in the heart of the city.

The Oxford Hotel: Denver’s most historic hotel, combining its rich past with modern amenities for a unique stay experience.


The charm of Denver, the Mile-High City, lies in its melange of historical tales, culinary adventures, and scenic wonders. Every corner tells a story. So, if you're visiting, pack that itinerary to the brim. Because, in Denver, the horizon is just another milestone waiting to be discovered.