The Hidden Charms of Orlando: Beyond the Magic Kingdom

Ah, Orlando, the beating heart of Florida's sprawling landscape. While most travelers conjure images of Disney's twinkling lights, this gem offers more “free things to do in Orlando” than one can imagine. Let's set our sights beyond the expected and uncover Orlando's lesser-known marvels.

1. Universal City Walk – Not Just Another Theme Park:

free things to do in Orlando - Universal City Walk

When searching for “free things to do in Orlando, Florida,” look no further. The famed Universal City Walk is not just an annex to Universal Orlando Resort. Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando offers a rock star experience, with its themed rooms and the largest pool in the resort area. The nightlife is right at your doorstep with this location. And as night descends, the parking doesn’t cost a dime!

2. West Orange Trail – Nature’s Own Broadway:

free things to do in Orlando - West Orange Trail

For those who wish to breathe fresh air, The Edgewater Hotel is a historic choice near the trail. Its vintage charm transports guests to the 1920s, ensuring a memorable stay. Only a short distance from the city's heart, this trail offers an escape for those keen on adventure.

3. Kraft Azalea Garden – Orlando's Best-Kept Secret:

free things to do in Orlando - Kraft Azalea Garden

The Alfond Inn, a few minutes from the garden, is a boutique hotel offering luxury accommodations amidst art and culture. Lying gracefully by Lake Maitland's serene shores, the Kraft Azalea Garden is a sight to behold.

4. Church Street – Time Travel, Orlando Style:

free things to do in Orlando - historic Church Street

When you’re yearning for “things to do in Orlando for free,” consider staying at Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando. Its opulent rooms and an art gallery make it the crown jewel of downtown Orlando.

5. Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards – For the Bacchus in All of Us:

free things to do in Orlando - Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards

For those seeking tranquility near the vineyards, Lakeside Inn is an idyllic choice. As Florida's oldest continuously operating hotel, it exudes charm and offers breathtaking views of Lake Dora.

6. Cornell Fine Arts Museum – A Treat for the Aesthete:

free things to do in Orlando - Cornell Fine Arts Museum

Just around the corner lies The Rollins. This upscale hotel with its modern amenities offers a panoramic view of the city, making it a great base for art lovers.

7. Orlando Farmers Market – A Gastronome's Fantasy:

free things to do in Orlando - Farmers Market

Consider making Eo Inn your home during your visit. This boutique hotel, overlooking Lake Eola, gives you direct access to the market and the park's serene ambiance.

8. Greenwood Cemetery – Spooky Splendor:

free things to do in Orlando - Greenwood Cemetery

Crowne Plaza Orlando Downtown provides a luxurious stay experience near the cemetery. Its modern rooms and rooftop pool offer relaxation after a day of exploration.

9. ICON Orlando – Sky High Delights:

free things to do in Orlando - ICON Orlando

Credit: Flickr

For those looking to stay near the ICON, Avanti International Resort is an excellent choice. With its contemporary design and a variety of amenities, it guarantees a comfortable stay.

10. Cocoa Beach – Waves of Bliss:

free things to do in Orlando - Cocoa Beach

Credit: Flickr

When the waves call, consider staying at The Resort on Cocoa Beach. Overlooking the ocean, it offers spacious rooms and a plethora of activities for the whole family.

In conclusion

Orlando isn’t just about fairy tales and roller coasters. This city is a treasure trove of wonders, some more hidden than others. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or a die-hard foodie, Orlando offers a plethora of “free things to do.” Dive into its multifaceted glory and make memories that last a lifetime!