In the bustling heart of the world-renowned metropolis of New York City, one might stumble upon timeless pockets of romance, each echoing tales from epochs past and whispering promises of amorous adventures yet to come. While traversing the city's labyrinthine alleys, one might often wonder, “Where might a discerning traveler partake in an intimate, candlelit soirée?” Fret not, dear reader, for the list that unfolds herewith encompasses precisely those venues that are more than just eateries; they are bastions of love in a city that never sleeps.


most romantic restaurants in nyc - Raoul’s

Credit: Raoul's

Picture this – an ancient, dimly lit bistro tucked away in the heart of SOHO. One is instantly transported to a world where the ambience serenades the soul. The Mercer Hotel, just a stone's throw away, promises lavish stays with minimalist designs, merging old-world charm with modern elegance.

Milk and Roses:

Milk and Roses romantic restaurants

Credit: Milk and Roses

In Greenpoint, intertwines rustic allure with sophisticated grace. Nearby, the Box House Hotel boasts loft-style rooms with a touch of vintage charm, offering travelers a taste of Brooklyn’s vibrant art scene.

Burke and Wills:

Burke and Wills romantic restaurants

Credit: Burke and Wills

Amidst chic décor, dare to sample the audacious kangaroo burger. The Arthouse Hotel, located on the Upper West Side, echoes vintage glamour coupled with contemporary comforts, truly a retreat amidst the city buzz.

One If By Land, Two If By Sea:

One If By Land romantic restaurants

Credit: One If By Land, Two If By Sea

This 1767 carriage house is full of romance. A short walk leads to the iconic Greenwich Hotel, offering handcrafted Moroccan tiles and Italian Carrara marble, an epitome of luxury.

Pasquale Jones:

Pasquale Jones romantic restaurants

Set against Nolita's canvas. Nearby, the Nolitan Hotel is a chic urban sanctuary, ensuring guests experience New York like a true local with its rooftop views and neighborhood charm.

St Tropez:

St Tropez romantic restaurants

Credit: St Tropez

A sultry whisper of the Mediterranean in West Village. Close by is The Marlton Hotel, a boutique offering that infuses old-world charm with bohemian chic, ensuring a relaxing stay amidst the city's bustle.


Sauvage romantic restaurants

Credit: Sauvage

Teasing the senses in Parisian bohemia. A quick stroll away is The William Vale, with its contemporary design, panoramic views, and an elevated public park – a modern luxury in Williamsburg.


L'Artusi romantic restaurants

Credit: L'Artusi

Echoing Italian romance. In its vicinity lies The Jane Hotel, renowned for its rich history and breathtaking Hudson river views, ensuring a stay as delectable as the cuisine at L’Artusi.


Fedora romantic restaurants

Credit: Fedora

A waltz into the Jazz Age. Just around the corner, The Walker Hotel captures the spirit of Greenwich Village, offering art-deco inspirations and a touch of the 1920s elegance.

Tree Bistro:

Tree Bistro romantic restaurants

Credit: Tree Bistro

A tapestry of French elegance. A short cab ride away is The Bowery Hotel, an emblem of old New York sophistication with its vintage furnishings and luxurious amenities.

The city of skyscrapers, New York, hides these oases of romance. And as the evening concludes, perhaps a venture to one of NYC's rooftop bars, or maybe a luxurious stay at The NoMad Hotel, known for its Parisian-inspired architecture and lush rooftop views, is in order. For love, dear reader, is best enjoyed under a canopy of stars.