Amidst the cacophony of Hollywood stars and palm-lined streets, Los Angeles is a haven for the best Italian food Los Angeles can offer. Within this radiant city, food enthusiasts will stumble upon a treasure trove of eateries, but none captivate the heart and soul as the Italian restaurants that seamlessly meld Southern European charm with Californian flair. Dive into this curated guide, which isn't just any list but a vivid expedition into ten of the best Italian restaurants in Los Angeles.

1. Bestia: The Wild Side of Italian Dining

best Italian restaurants in los angeles - Bestia

Credit: ​Bestia

Adjacent to Bestia, where a fierce yet whimsical ambiance captures a rustic interior adorned with meat-hook chandeliers, you'll find The Ace Hotel Downtown LA. A restored 1927 Spanish Gothic structure, this hotel combines historic charm with contemporary flair. Its rooftop lounge offers breathtaking views of the city, perfectly complementing Bestia's avant-garde Italian dishes.

2. Union: An Ode to Pasadena and Northern Italy

italian union

Credit: Union

Post a gastronomic journey at Union, the serenity of The Langham Huntington awaits. Set amidst lush gardens in posh Pasadena, this iconic landmark offers opulent accommodations. Imagine strolling through its Japanese gardens or indulging in its spa after savoring Union's delightful Italian-Californian fusion.

3. Gesso: Sunlit Flavors and Midnight Vibes

italian gesso

Credit: Gesso

The Kimpton Everly Hotel, a stone's throw from Gesso, offers panoramic vistas of Hollywood and downtown LA. Its urban retreat vibe, with its minimalist chic rooms and a rooftop pool, acts as a perfect counterbalance to Gesso's eclectic dining ambiance.

4. Alimento: Echoes of Silver Lake

italian alimento

Credit: Alimento

The Silver Lake Pool & Inn beautifully mirrors the trendy vibe of Alimento. A bohemian boutique hotel, it promises a rooftop dining experience, spacious rooms, and a dash of Californian sun by the pool, crafting an ideal relaxation spot post an Italian meal at Alimento.

5. Chi Spacca: A Gastronomic Ballad for Meat Lovers

italian chi spacca

Credti: Chi Spacca

The Orlando Hotel, situated a brisk walk away from Chi Spacca, exudes boutique charm. Each room here speaks of curated luxury, making it the ideal place to recline after savoring the rich, meaty offerings of Chi Spacca.

6. Jon & Vinny’s: The Ultimate Family Feast

Italian restaurants - Jon & Vinny’s

Credit: T.Tseng

Embrace the country charm at The Farmer’s Daughter Hotel after a family feast at Jon & Vinny's. Celebrating Los Angeles's diverse culture, this hotel, with its quirky design and themed rooms, offers a playful retreat, complementing Jon & Vinny's vibrant culinary scene.

7. Officine Brera: Whispering Tales of Northern Italy

italian officine

Credit: Officine Brera

Post the gastronomic tales at Officine Brera, The NoMad Los Angeles stands as a beacon of European grandeur. Nestled in the historic Giannini building, its lavishly designed rooms, rooftop pool, and French-inspired decor echo the opulence of Northern Italian flavors celebrated at Officine Brera.

8. Sotto: Michelin Magic in LA

italian sotto

Credit: Sotto

After delving into the Southern Italian magic of Sotto, retire at The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles. It's not just a hotel, but an experience. Floating above the LA skyline, its rooms promise panoramic city views, while its spa offers rejuvenating treatments, beautifully rounding off a Michelin-starred evening.

9. Osteria La Buca: The Heartbeat of Los Angeles

italian osteria la buca

Credit: Osteria La Buca

After a meal at Osteria La Buca, drift into the urban sanctuary of The LINE LA. With interiors mirroring the eclectic vibe of LA and panoramic vistas of the city, it promises relaxation, just the way Osteria La Buca promises an unforgettable Italian meal.

10. Vincenti: The Crown Jewel of Brentwood

italian vincenti

Credit: Vincenti

Close an elegant evening at Vincenti with a stay at The Brentwood Inn. A stone’s throw away from the restaurant, this boutique hotel offers serenity amidst its English-inspired gardens and quaint, yet luxurious rooms, making it the perfect nightcap to a sophisticated dining experience.

Embarking on this LA expedition, the city unravels its Italian culinary secrets, paired with unmatched luxury stays. Here’s to a journey of flavors and dreams in the City of Angels. Buon appetito and restful dreams!